Posted by: sojustar | August 28, 2009

Buying shoes in Korea

I don’t have big feet, but in Korea if you’re a woman and you have feet bigger than a size 8 you may be hard pressed to find shoes your size. For the longest time I searched for stores that sold affordable shoes in my size. I finally came upon a place in Itaewon a couple of months ago. It’s called A & H  Big Size Mall. You can buy shoes, big sized clothing and house wares. I managed to find a nice pair of purple suede Nine West peep toe pumps in size 9.5 for 34, 500 won.

There is a good selection of clothes but not many sizes below large. I have bought shorts in larger sizes and had them taken in, as alterations are super cheap in Korea. To have two pairs of shorts altered cost me just 10,000 won.

I’m glad I’ve found a place that sells comfortable and nice looking shoes in my size. I must admit my first winter here I paid over 200,000 won for a pair of custom made boots. They may be real leather but they’re not comfortable so I hardly wear them. Well lesson learned.  I’ll post a pic of my new shoes soon.


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