Posted by: sojustar | August 11, 2010

Shopping and dining on the agenda, then check out Myeong-dong

Myeongdong, a place to shop, eat traditional Korean food, do some sightseeing and take time out to relax. Easily accessible by subway and bus Myeongdong is always bustling with activity. It’s a main tourist attraction, since it’s a major shopping district in Seoul.

There are loads of restaurants and shops in the area, which makes it easy for someone to get lost or simply overwhelmed by being surrounded by a mass of concrete. Since I’m in Myeongdong five days per week I have managed to discover some great restaurants and unique locations.

Whether you’re visiting Seoul or staying here on a long-term basis don’t be shy to try traditional Korean food. For fast, friendly service and delicious Korean dishes I highly recommend One dang (원당). Located about 200 meters north of the KT building, this restaurant serves various dishes from pacheon (seafood pancake) to galbi tang (beef bone soup) at very reasonable prices. The portions are big and an abundance of Korean side dishes are served with the meal. Refills of side dishes are free, so just press the button located on your table and ask for more. A dish of bulgogi costs 6,000 won. It’s served in a hot pot with green onions, garlic and rice noodles. It’s not only filling, but delicious too; a perfect meal to have on a chilly day. One dang provides traditional western seating or Korean style seating. Don’t fret if there’s a line outside, the service is fast so you’ll most likely only wait 5 minutes to be seated.

Korean cuisine doesn’t peak your interest? Then I highly recommend dining at Gong shi myon guan (꽁시면관). It’s a Chinese restaurant, which specializes in making handmade dumplings. Everyday chefs make ready to order dumplings which are filled with various fillings. The pork filled ones are my personal favorite and for lunch I usually have the fried rice with shrimp. Side dishes are complimentary including soup and jasmine tea. Dining here makes you feel like you’re in China with all the red lanterns and red tapestry. Chinese food lovers should not miss the opportunity to eat here.

After filling your belly with traditional Korean food or Chinese grub check out the Post Tower, located 100 meters to the right of the Chinese restaurant. Once you have entered the building you will find a set of escalators take them down to the basement, where you will see an Internet café on your right. The computers are free to use and there are couches to sit on if you prefer reading or taking a moment to relax. On the same floor you’ll also find a stamp museum. The history of the Korean postal service and various stamps are on display here. It’s a small, interactive museum, which is definitely worth taking a stroll through. For those who are looking for unique souvenirs, the museum has a collection of stamps available for purchase. Have a look through their catalogue; it’s interesting to see the stamps from the past.

For those who prefer to stick to shopping, there’s one store which offers customers a mix of everything. Kosney located in the M Plaza, sells stationary, clothing, funky lamps, perfume, tea seats, and many more items. Tourists who shop here can take advantage of tax free shopping. I’m impressed with the large selection of picture frames available at Kosney.

Once you’ve finished shopping for the day head to Shinsegae Department store. Located on the top floor you will find a cafeteria, and an outdoor patio area. Outside you will be surrounded by trees, plants and flowers. You can have a seat on one of the benches and just take a moment to unwind.

Whether you’re a tourist or a long term resident of Seoul, make sure to head to Myeongdong to shop and have a meal at one of the many restaurants in the area. It’s a shopping paradise, a place where you’ll be sure to find some bargains.

To get to Myeongdong take subway line 2 to Eulgiro- 1-ga and take exit 5 or 6. You can also use subway line 4 to Myeongdong station.

One dang Restaurant Telephone# 02 757 7612

Gong shi myon guan Restaurant Telephone# 02 778 8863


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